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Postpartum Hair Loss

The Lowdown: Postpartum hair loss is very common and affects up to 70% of women.  It usually starts around the second week after giving birth (but can start earlier or later) and

Postpartum Bleeding

The Lowdown: While you were pregnant, you enjoyed a 9-month long break from your monthly period. But once you give birth, you’ll feel like your body is playing catch-up. Postpartum bleeding,

Vaginal Tears During Childbirth

The Lowdown: Vaginal tears during labor, also called perineal lacerations or tears, happen when the baby’s head is birthing through the vaginal opening and the skin between the vaginal opening and


The Lowdown: They say once you become a parent, you’ll never sleep again. For many, this is surprising since newborn babies sleep anywhere from 14-17 hours per day, which sounds like

Pelvic Floor

The Lowdown: If you’ve never thought about your pelvic floor muscles before, you’re not alone. If you’ve heard your grandma or aunts make a joke about peeing themselves when they laugh

Sacred Connectedness

The Lowdown: There are a lot of things you can do to prepare for the moment your baby enters the world: packing a bag for the hospital, setting up your baby’s
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