Address The Maternal Mental Health and Mortality Epidemic

The misconception of maternal mortality is that most maternal deaths occur during childbirth while at the hospital when, in fact, nearly 60% of all maternal deaths happen at home during the postpartum period. Suicide accounts for 20% of the postpartum maternal mortality rates making it more common than deaths caused by postpartum hemorrhage or hypertensive disorders. Instead of falling, numbers are doubling yearly. Our mission is to create change by leading by example, amplifying this critical conversation, and standing in spaces of support for families to early catch postpartum complications.


Advance The Doula Profession

The foundation of the doula profession has been growing since the times of our granny midwives. At Rise, we believe that as we strive to continue the great work of the midwives and birth support people that came before us, we must ensure that doulas have access to comprehensive education, livable wages, and better opportunities that enhance personal and professional growth. This way, we create an economy and profession that continues to thrive.

Bridge The Gap and Eliminate Barriers That Exist Within The Transition From Childbirth to Postpartum

An often overlooked part of the prenatal experience is preparing for what’s to come postpartum. Postpartum education and resources should be accessible to new parents within the prenatal period so that they feel prepared when baby arrives, not overwhelmed.


Build Collaborative Relationships With Healthcare Providers to Better Support Families

It is our ultimate goal to create an empowering space for new families going into the postpartum period, and a key step in this is promoting collaborative relationships amongst the care providers (doulas, nurses, midwives, obstetricians, and more) within a family’s prenatal and postpartum support systems. We believe that in building these relationships, families will receive the best care and education possible to help them feel confidence and assurance in the postpartum period.

Improve The Quality of Women's Health & Wellness

The deterioration of women’s health has unfortunately become normalized. Rise Birth and Postpartum advocates for the betterment of women’s health, especially in the postpartum period where we know there are unique and frequently ignored struggles that impact both physical and mental health in particular.* With appropriate supportive and educational resources, we aim to improve these outcomes for the families we work with.

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