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Okay, so pregnancy is exciting and all, but can we talk about how everyone fails to mention the part of pregnancy that includes figuring out ALL OF THE THINGS!! Literally, 290 days (about 41 weeks, 6,888 hours, but who’s counting) are spent planning and figuring things out.

Things like whether you’d like to have your baby at a hospital, birth center, or at home, what to expect during the labor process, which pediatricians are in your area that aligns with your preferences, Whether you would like to have an OB or Midwife as your provider, how not to tear during labor, the list goes on and on.

Also, what’s with the thousands of pamphlets given to you at your prenatal appointments with your provider? Do they expect people to memorize all of that information?

Preparing for your baby’s birth can feel overwhelming, but what if we told you that there are professionals in your community whose job is to help guide you through all of these things? Our birth doulas have so many benefits but what they are best at is supporting you!

Once we’ve joined your team, you can expect the following as part of your best birth package:

Immediate 24/7 on-call Support

via phone, text, and email from the time of hire—because we know pregnancy comes with questions, and you may need us even before labor begins.

Prenatal Home Visits

to discuss your birth preferences and plans; practice various coping techniques and comfort measures to prepare you for labor and birth, and plan for what life may look like once you and your baby come home.

Secured Back-up Support

so that you have support from other doulas on our team at all times.

Continuous Labor Support

from the time we are called to join you, whether that’s while you’re still laboring at your home or the hospital/birthing center.

Immediate Birth-Day Postpartum Support

to assist you in initiating breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, offer tips and tricks for easy infant bonding and talk about your plans for rest and healing once you return home.

Follow Up Postpartum Home Visit

(within ten days) to discuss parenthood, settling in, infant feeding, and other concerns that you may have.

You deserve a safe, empowered, and informed pregnancy and birth experience!


We are changing the way doulas provide support and are bridging the gap, eliminating barriers, and lessening the occurrences of medical emergencies within the transition from childbirth to postpartum. We are doing so by ensuring that we are with you and supporting you from the very beginning, whether in person or virtually.

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