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Yes, it’s true! Breastfeeding has always been an innate and ancestral way of nourishing our babies during their first years of life, but just because something is natural doesn’t mean it will be easy. For many, the thought of breastfeeding feels daunting.

Maybe this is your first baby, and you still have so many questions, Or perhaps you feel like you never quite got the hang of it before you left the hospital. Let’s not forget that if you don’t have supportive people cheering you on, your confidence may diminish.

Lactation Services that Build Confidence


We also understand that there are many stigmas surrounding breastfeeding, and one of them is the shaming of parents who ask for help. Can you believe that? You’re expected to parent alone, even if you feel unsure about things, even if it causes you anxiety, and even if it is a bit traumatic. 

Remember that little bit we stated earlier about breastfeeding being ancestral? Our ancestors supported one another significantly while raising children and nursing them. They had support…genuine, non-judgmental support. That is the same support we provide to all families who need it. 

Lactation Support

We get it!

Our team consists of lactation consultants and postpartum specialists who truly understand the trials and triumphs of breastfeeding. We know what it’s like to continue sharing your body with your baby outside the womb and what it’s like to feel like a human pacifier or milk factory. Many of our team members have not only been the support person but have also been the breastfeeding person needing support. It will take some getting used to and can be a bit intimidating, but our team of IBCLCs and CLCs is here to make sure you thrive.

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