Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy


Hello, I’m Sonya Worthy Okolo, PT.


I am the founder of Oasis PT & Pelvic Health and absolutely love what I do! I have been a Physical Therapist more than 25 years, always maintaining a patent-centered, holistic approach.  As a former pelvic health patient, my passion was sparked to pursue a pelvic rehabilitation specialization.  I help stop bladder, bowel, sexual health, and pain issues.  Also trained as a Birth Doula, I strongly believe in collaboration in care for preventative pelvic wellness.  It’s my goal to help Mamas have the birth they desire and prepare for healthy, strong bodies to live the life they desire!

Did you know that …

29% of vaginal deliveries result in pubic bone fractures

64% of women complain of painful intercourse 1 year after birth

35% report decreased sexual sensation

60% of women report bladder leakage


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Alleviate Pelvic Pain and Discomfort.


Postpartum recovery is a journey for both Vaginal and C-section birthers!  After most major injuries, it is common to participate in formal rehabilitation, however, it is not the norm for post childbirth.  Pelvic Floor PT can help reduce and eliminate embarrassing problems by developing an individualized treatment plan to addresses your needs. By retraining the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, symptoms can reduce and help you establish a firm foundation of pelvic wellness for years to come.

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Heal Your Pelvic Floor!


My personal experience and belief in the mind-body connection gives me unique perspective and empathy as I provide a whole body, approach to pelvic rehabilitation.  Whether you have pelvic pain, incontinence, bowel issues, or persistent back, hip, or tailbone pain, contact me for a courtesy consultation.  Mobile concierge service is available with office satellites in Bethesda and Columbia.

Some benefits of pelvic floor physical therapy are…

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