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This is Exhausting… But Does it Have to Be?


One of the most commonly asked questions from new parents is “will I ever sleep again?.” A common message sent to them is that they’re going to always be tired… Like forever. A survey from Owlet Baby Care found that nearly half of all parents with children six months or younger get just one to three hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. YIKES!

The exhaustion from parenting is different. . .We’re talkin’ putting the ice cream in the pantry kind of different. Sleep deprivation is more than being tired, it effects your ability to complete daily tasks. 

Ready for you and your baby's sleep success?


We get it! Rise founder, Tamoyia has 4 children ages 15, 13, 11 and 5. Navigating healthy sleep solutions isn’t something that is new to her. Having a service that focuses on realistic sleep expectations and consulting was essential because she knew, all too well, the effects that lack of sleep has on the mind and body. 

Our sleep solutions services are for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years. Our sleep specialist will help you develop a healthy sleep plan that is specifically tailored to fit your family’s needs.  Awesome right? Our sleep specialist can help you through the many transitions and developmental changes that affect your child’s sleep.

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Sleep Solutions Services


*Keep in mind that babies between the ages of 0-4months are a bit too young for our virtual sleep shaping service. The good news is that for babies in this age group, our specialist is still able to do sleep guiding consultations to help begin implementing healthy sleep habits for you and your baby.

Virtual Sleep Guiding Consultation:


For children ages 0-4years

This service is also a great add-on for pregnant families who would like to learn more about establishing healthy sleep for their newborn.

  • 1 hour of expert verbal advice from a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist.
  • Instant practical steps to improve your child’s sleep.
  • Premium consulting that includes ways to establish healthy sleep practices

Virtual Sleep Shaping & Consulting:


For children ages 4months-4years

  •  Personalized guidance from our expert Sleep Specialist.
  • Customized sleep plan tailored to your family to achieve healthy sleep for your child.
  • Two 1-hr virtual calls with our specialist.
  • Two weeks of ongoing virtual support.

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