Tamoyia Ragsdale


Tamoyia Ragsdale

(SHE/HER) CEO / Founder, Birth and Postpartum Doula, Postpartum Care Specialist, Perinatal Mental Health Professional

As a young girl, I discovered my passion for birth when, at just five years old, I began guiding my dolls through pretend labor. Though I was too young to grasp it fully then, I felt a spiritual calling to support women during this profound moment of transformation. Growing older, I became captivated by the immense power of birth and postpartum experiences. The journey of carrying, protecting, and nourishing a baby in the womb, followed by the miraculous process of bringing them into the world, filled me with awe.

In my mind, I pictured myself standing among ancestors and loved ones, witnessing the fulfillment of prayers, dreams, and manifestations coming to pass as each new life entered the world. And what followed birth was equally miraculous, the birthing person transforming into a profound, loving, and empowered version of themselves, guided by newfound intuition and love for their child. It's a true love story where mothers and babies choose each other.

Dreams began to visit me, showing women from all walks of life birthing their babies. In each dream, I held their hands, comforted them, and surrendered myself to them in ways understood only by the spirits of women who came before. These dreams persisted over the years until I finally answered their call.

Becoming certified as a birth and postpartum doula, I stood by the bedside of over a hundred families, becoming a sister, an aunt, and a mother figure to those who needed support. I've wiped away tears of uncertainty and celebrated the triumphs of breastfeeding "aha!" moments. Witnessing parents' transformation from doubt to confidence has been incredibly fulfilling. To be clear, I don't possess any special power; I merely hold the flashlight as parents navigate and uncover their own. 

The extensions of me:

I am a mother to three children who have brought immeasurable meaning to my life. My oldest is a nurturing soul ( apple didn’t fall far). She's a revolutionary who protests injustice and when she speaks she moves the earth. My middle kid, my son, has mastered the skill of slowing me down while reminding me to feel. He challenges me to think big and outside the box. He is a reminder that nothing is impossible, if you can think it, it can be done! If you dream it, it exists. And my youngest, the leader, or as she is called by her Ghanian uncle “ The Queen Mother” She chases the wind, climbs trees, loves to jump in puddles, she’s earthy and gardens, and is a “mama” to our chickens and ducks. 


Favorite things: 

The roar of the ocean

The sound of barred owls at night

A good binge-worthy show

Deep belly laughs 

Friends that don’t take life too seriously

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