Jasmine, Client

"I had a long and very difficult labor/delivery. Our doula was there when we called (though she was regularly checking in leading up the time), and she reminded me of the different techniques for coping with the pain. At my peak of labor, she reminded my partner and I that we had options. She stepped in on my behalf to the midwife during delivery, when she saw that my best interests were not taken into account. She even went so far as to contact and follow up the hospital after birth to hold the labor/delivery team accountable (for good and not so good behaviors). I am SO APPRECIATIVE of a doula that went and continues to go ABOVE & BEYOND even in my postpartum."

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Nyounti, Client

"I would have been very stressed and lost without my doula. When I got pregnant I was newly married, transitioning into my marital home and constantly traveling for work aka too many balls in the air. Though I am very decisive, and through, i. e. type A, I found myself drowning in all the prenatal and baby information. My doula stepped in and was able to streamline the information so I could make informed decisions and prioritize tasks, as well make me feel at ease. She was unflappable, focused, informed, made sure my wishes were followed and understood my concerns."

Ashley, Client

"The day of my c-section, the doula met myself and my parents at the hospital and she waited in the lobby with my mom until my son was born. She even stayed the night at the hospital with me because she knew I was a first time mom and she wanted to make sure I felt as supported as possible.

When I was in the hospital a week after giving birth due to having bilateral pneumonia and heart failure My doula came to visit me. I’m forever grateful to this agency. They are truly one in a million."
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Elizabeth Oldham, Doula, CBE

" I Can’t say enough wonderful words about the owners and their team! You will receive passionate, knowledgeable and family centered care with Rise!"

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