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Rise Birth and Postpartum is a Postpartum care company that is closing the gap in maternal healthcare and taking a multi-pronged approach by ensuring that you have support from birth through your first year postpartum. Our doulas are trained and certified specialists who can support you during the day and night! You read that correctly!! We provide around-the-clock postpartum care!

Speaking of Postpartum! So much focus is placed on preparing for birth that we forget to plan for what comes after: postpartum with a newborn. The first 40 days, also referred to as the fourth trimester, is such an important time to nourish and heal your body after having carried your baby for up to 42 weeks! That said, Let’s keep it real… The postpartum period isn’t a pit stop that just magically disappears in 40 days, It's a lifelong journey filled with triumphs, joys, happiness, and… hardships.

Yep! Being a parent is also filled with many unknowns, twists and turns, and sleepless nights. Hormones usually take some time to reach their new normal, your baby will undergo various changes as they develop in that first year, and you will continue to seek your rhythm in life with a new baby in the mix. Whether it’s your first baby or your fifth, we know that an extra pair of hands can make all the difference.

Take a deep breath, We are here to support you through it all!

Education and support are vital to making informed decisions about your health and wellbeing! Our goal is to make sure that you feel balanced, confident, informed, and HEALTHY! Our birth and postpartum guides offer REAL advice that will guide you through the steps for optimum healing. Topics such as healing the pelvic floor, what to do for vaginal tears, bringing balance back to the body, AND newborn care are all covered. Our educational resources shine a light on the insights not discussed during the prenatal period or after labor and delivery – conversations that don’t usually take place, but should!

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